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Art & Photography by Tammy Winand:

Cryptic Fragments

Reflections of an Artist's Travels:


Omgirl Designs:"Balancing between the lotus and the laundry"

Omgirl Designs

Emelisa Mudle's Heart Art galleries inspire and heal. She is a Brut Artist and International Creative Workshop Facilitator. Some of her art works and stories are raw and deeply feeling. Some are colourfully heartfelt and joyful. To her, creativity and love walk together hand in hand.


Unique, Visionary Art by Sasha Vivelo:

Raven Wind Arts

Blackhawke Arts: Where Creativity is a Way of Life:

Blackhawke Arts

InkIt Art. Portraits:


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For Baby gifts, Unique Mirrors, Wedding Gifts, Corporate Mirrors: 

Unique Reflections Ltd.

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An online forum for Creative Women in Business:


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Look for a wonderful variety of crafts and craft supplies at:

The Crafts Fair Online


Dead On A Friday do their best to meld together the melodies of Bad Religion and the aggression of Pennywise with the lyrical honesty of The Bouncing Souls.... into one punk band:

Dead on a Friday